You can't master B2B or B2C without mastering H2H.

Let's talk like a human to a human shall we?

Everybody who hates respectless pitch slapping on LinkedIn, poorly-timed "Dear First Name” emails and narcissist website copy raise your hands!

I noticed I’m more and more allergic to this kind of crap shipped by my fellow marketers.

There is simply not enough empathy and humanity in our marketing efforts and it just annoys me so much.

Just to be clear, I am guilty of it too.

So I decided to start this newsletter to share my reflections on it mostly as a reminder for myself.

But if you happen to like it hit the pretty button below to get notified when a new thought has been shipped from my brain to Substack.

P.S. I only write when I feel like it so… you know… no expectations here.